I'm a Hottest_Inspirit
BABY (Bad Ass Bunny Yo) Starlight and Shinhwa Changjo...
I come from the sunny island of Jamaica
I like KPOP , Dancehall, alternative and more
Love to dance, draw, write and more
Learning to play the Guitar.
Background Illustrations provided by: http://edison.rutgers.edu/
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N :
- Cha-yeo-ji
- Mr. Eyes-shut-tight

Ken :
- Jannis
- Dennis
- Wink Fairy
- Gap God

Hyuk :
- Hyuggi
- Han Sang-hyuk Oppa
Meaning : Fans call him oppa even though he’s younger

Hongbin :
- Hong chim
- Bean
- Dimples

Ravi :
- Wonchic
Meaning : Chic chic chicr

Leo :
- Head Fairy
- Le sin set. Care about me
Meaning : once you start caring about Leo, it’s game set.
As in there’s no way out once you fall for Leo.r


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