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Truth is Beauty by Marco Cochrane

One of the most eye-catching artworks at this year’s Burning Man festival was a 55-feet tall sculpture of a woman in a beautifully elegant pose. Truth is Beauty is the second of three sculptures in a series called The Bliss Project by artist Marco Cochrane. Constructed of welded steel rods and balls and covered in stainless steel mesh skin, the massive sculpture had interactive lighting effects that made it constantly change.

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140726 Nowon Fansign - Memory (2 parts of the song)

Ravi’s rap

Yeah I need a memory
너와 웃고 울던 과거들
Yeah I need a memory
나를 바라보던 얼굴을 이대로 잊을 없어
잊어버릴 기회 너무나 사랑했던 너를
그런 너를 쉽게 떠난 잊을 없어 —-


Yeah I need a memory
Those past moments where I laughed and cried with you
Yeah I need a memory
I can’t just forget your face who always looked at me
I have the opportunity to forget you, the one I loved so much
I can’t forget you who left me so easily

Hyuk’s part

이미 늦어가는
나를 사랑하던 모습
보이지 않은 얼굴
잊혀져 가는 사람


It’s already becoming late
The appearance of you who loved me
The face that can’t be seen
The person who is being forgotten

Source: 내가 택한 운명 VIXX
Translation by hakyeontv